Founded in 1923, The Quarry Literary and Fine Arts Magazine is one of St. Olaf's oldest student-run publications. The magazine features student produced poetry, prose, and visual art. The online platform also showcases student performance, dance, music, and new media. The Quarry provides a platform for undergraduate publication and strives to make connections both between arts and literature and the greater community. 

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The Quarry 2018-2019 Editors

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ANDERS R. MATTSON | Executive Editor

English and Philosophy, Film Studies '19

Anders loves how art can bring excitement into peoples lives. He can always be found with coffee in his hand, and a new story on his mind. Some of his favorite artists (in no particular order) includes: Brian Eno, Stanley Kubrick, Deradoorian, Roy Lichtenstein, Vashti Bunyan, Virginia Woolf, Milo, MF Doom, St. Vincent, Hideo Kojima, Nobuhiko Obayashi, Noah Lennox, and Ryuichi Sakamoto. For Anders, The Quarry represents a yearly window into the many beliefs, loves, and concerns found within the St. Olaf community. 

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NOAH FORSLUND | Literary Editor

Philosophy ‘19

Noah Forslund is a senior philosophy major, originally hailing from Seattle. He is fascinated by art’s limitlessness and the subjectivity of interpretation, and especially enjoys avant-garde works, as well as satire and science fiction; Syd Barrett and Kurt Vonnegut are personal heroes. He has attempted to write poetry and music several times, and plans to continue doing so, no doubt with ever-diminishing returns. When ultimately forced into a somewhat-lucrative career, he hopes to work as a psychotherapist.

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THEA LUND | Art Editor

Norwegian and Studio Art ‘19

Thea believes that artistic and creative expression is a basic part of every single person. Everyone has the capacity to create things! And she wants to see the things people create! So submit to the Quarry! Some of Thea’s favorite artists and creators are Edgar Allen Poe, the designers at Marimekko and Liberty London, Donald Fagen & Walter Becker, Leandra Medine, Thao Nguyen, Elsa Lund, Hayao Miyazaki, Rihanna, Elizabeth Murray, and there’s lots more but she can’t think of them right now. 

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ISAIAH SCHAREN | Layout Editor

Studio Art and Physics ‘20

Isaiah is a studio art and physics major excited about interactions between people and art, and especially between the artist and their work. He enjoys the playfulness of the creative process and the labor of production. In his spare time, Isaiah is likely covered head to toe in sawdust with a grin from ear to ear. Some of his favorite artworks are by Alberto Giacometti, Ken Isaacs, and Stevie Wonder, but he is always most excited by the artists and artworks he gets to know in person.

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MARGARET LINDAHL | Interdisciplinary Editor

Studio Art and Art History ‘19

Margaret Lindahl is a Senior Studio Art and Art History major as well as a passionate supporter of Art in all of its forms. She hopes to educate as many people as possible on the importance of the Arts and how it can be a path for anyone and everyone. Margaret is interested in space, installation, printmaking, performance, and sound when it comes to art, and always loves to learn about different art forms and artists. Margaret cannot wait to promote Art and its interdisciplinary nature through The Quarry this year!

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English and Religion, Women’s and Gender Studies ‘21

Anna is fascinated by how art and stories curate empathy, and the intersection between creativity and wellness in the lives of artists. In whatever spare time she has, she enjoys pursuing her own creative pursuits, which include playing bassoon, writing fiction, podcasting, and crocheting. She particularly loves the works of Jeanne Birdsall, J.K. Rowling, Jane Austen, J.D. Salinger, Edgar Degas, Tove Jansson, Vincent Van Gogh, and Linda Pastan. She is excited for the opportunity to connect with St. Olaf’s literary and artistic community through her work with the Quarry.