A spooky student arts mixer!

Come to Groot Gallery TOMORROW NIGHT (Monday, October 29th) from 8-9 p.m. to come hang out with students interested in art! There will be lots of yummy food, fun crafts, live music, and more!


First event of the year!

We’re already one month into a new fall semester, which means a new year of The Quarry has begun! Join us on Friday, October 19th from 4-7 p.m. right by the quad on Buntrock Plaza for a marbling party and live music! Marbling supplies will be provided…just bring your creative self (and your friends!).

marbling poster.png

"Portrait of Unknown Persons 3" by Evan Weselmann

Today on the blog we are posting an ink drawing done by Evan Weselmann titled "Portrait of Unknown Persons 3"

Remember the submission deadline in ending soon!! Get your creative works in by Tuesday, March 6th for consideration for the 2018 issue!

We can't wait to see all of your submissions!

Weselmann_Portrait of Unknown Persons_3.jpg

Submission period now open!

Hello all, thank you so much for your continued support over the years! Our 2018 submission period has now opened. Please feel free to send in your poems, prose, visual art, digital media, audio dance and performance works before March 6th.

*Dimensions and materials must be submitted with art works

From now to the end of our submission period, we will be posting some beautiful works submitted for the 2017 edition. Today we are featuring a graphite drawing from Ally Christensen '18 titled "Self Portrait."


Alisara Christensen. In Pieces I Fall. Graphite Pencil. 2D Foundations piece.jpg

Cheers to a Great Year!

Thank you to all who submitted work, attended events, applied to become an editor, and created with us in the 2016-2017 school year! We are really proud of not only the fantastic magazine we created together, but of the innovation, vulnerability, and boldness of the St. Olaf campus as a whole. 

For those of you who didn't have the chance to take a magazine, feel free to read and share on our site.

"temple" by Lindsey Bertsch

Ink infiltrates your roadmap veins

beneath where physical scars (almost)


streaming too close to the lentic trickle of blood that’s loyal enough to keep you alive ­


blood that isn’t unaccustomed to meeting the surface,

the shrouded ignorance of a world in cacophonous silence.

You ride too close to the sun.

(you’re gonna get burned)


I want to amass our collective koans,

initially inscribed in the recesses of what keeps me awake at night and asleep in day,

and keep them

carved into the back of my hand in yours

(I wanna get burned)

"Between a Breath" by Hannah Hilst

Between a breath of smoke

and a breath of snowfall:

my chest felt closed and black with a virus

and the smoke dripped in my lungs,

the side of my jaw tingled

with a whip of wind like a finger tracing

lines across my shoulder then down my arm,

its hair pointing north,

mittens with fuzz hooked

in the rough corner of my thumbnail,

the smoke like meat

and snow like gloss,

the gloss like water

washing in my throat,

opening my chest and in the lungs,

water swirling like smoke in the breathing

then hot breath outward

like a furnace, like a dragon

and I let the metal swing thick behind me as I tug my hood