ART and LIT 2019 online features

Beyond the Leaves by Sophie Adams

For the next week leading up to the magazine launch, we'll be sharing art and lit from this year's submissions. Come to our launch next Friday, April 12, to see the art in person and to hear students read their pieces!


Magazine launch!

Our magazine launch is happening on April 12th in Groot Gallery! We are soooo excited for you all to see this year's magazine. Come to get your copy of the 2019 Quarry, and to hear students read their submitted work! More details to come. In the meantime, enjoy one of this year's submissions: Fluff by Agustin Forero.


THANK YOU for submitting to the Quarry!

Thank you to everyone who submitted to the Quarry this year! We are SO excited to read, look at, and listen to all your creations! Our final tally for submissions this year was:

110 visual art submissions

111 poetry submissions

8 prose submissions

2 music submissions

1 play excerpt submission

1 video game submission

We hope you are all proud of your creativity, and we can't wait to share the final magazine with you later this semester!



Less than 48 hours to submit to the Quarry for its 2019 edition! The submission period ends after TOMORROW, so submit your last pieces now!


1989 to 2019

It's been 30 years since the 1989 St. Olaf Literary Magazine, featuring this piece, was published! Submit now to have the opportunity of joining an ever growing group of Quarry-published St. Olaf artists and writers. Submissions are open until this SUNDAY, MARCH 3RD!

St. Olaf Literary 1989 image-1.jpg

Documentation day TOMORROW

Documentation day is TOMORROW from 10:30 to 12:45 in the media room (CAD 101). Stop by if you need photographs taken of any work you would like to submit! We can document anything from paintings to ceramics, like this piece by David Morrison from last year's magazine.


Submit your lit!

Don't forget that we do accept longer pieces of poetry and prose, such as this work from 1986 (and we'll take even longer pieces than this one, too!). If you have questions about the length of your submission, don't hesitate to reach out...or you can always submit your piece, and we'll get in contact with you if it needs to be excerpted.

the Quarry poem 1986.jpg

No scares here

The cover of this 1993 magazine is a little scary, but your editors aren't. We accept all kinds of art and literature with open minds and enthusiasm! Now is your chance to submit...if you're on the fence, shoot us an email with your questions or concerns!

St. Olaf Literary 1993.jpg

Less than a week left to submit! (and documentation day on Friday!)

Enjoy this poetry and photography from 1987 as testaments to the diversity of works we include in the Quarry!

Also, a reminder that you have LESS THAN A WEEK LEFT to submit to this year's edition of the Quarry (the submission period ends Sunday, March 3rd)! If you have pieces that you need to document, documentation day is this Friday, March 1st, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. in the media room (CAD 101).

St. Olaf Literary 1987.jpg

Summer of '88

Longing for warmer days...and maybe an 80s throwback? Enjoy this photograph from the 1988 edition in the midst of these freezing temps.

St. Olaf Literary 1988 image.jpg

Stay warm!

We hope everyone's staying warm this safe in the blizzard, work on your Quarry submissions, take inspiration from this 1977 comic, have some existential ponderings on the way to your room...

1977 Comic pg. 19-1.jpg


Release into the weekend…and submit to the Quarry…and enjoy this piece, “Release,” by our very own Thea Lund!


Faces of reflection

Looking back at this week like...

We've almost made it to the weekend! Enjoy this piece from the 1984 edition of the magazine...and stay warm!

St. Olaf Literary 1984 image.jpg

The Quarry 2006, Part 2

The Quarry 2006, Part 2: Art

Curly Annie by Tom Lubanovic

Stay safe and warm in all this snow…and while you’re cozying up inside, send us your Quarry submissions!

Quarry 2006 poem_3.jpg

Tabling tomorrow!

Look out for Quarry posters on campus this week, and continue to send in your submissions!

We'll also be tabling tomorrow by the cage during dinner, so come say hi and get any questions answered! 😊

Screen Sh.jpg

Seriously funny

Sometimes we don't need to take ourselves so seriously.

We hope you appreciate this bit of humor as the weekend wraps up...and remember, we accept all kinds of art and lit submissions to the Quarry, including comics and cartoons!