We are searching for talented new editors for the 2020-2021 academic year, and we will be accepting applications in the spring. Being an Editor is a wonderful experience that introduces you to the world of publication and editing. It develops leadership skills, increases your interactions with all kinds of literature and art, and gives you versatility for future careers that cannot be found elsewhere. As an editor of The Quarry, you are part of a strong and unique tradition that has supported and grown the artistic community at St. Olaf for almost a century. This is an exciting time to be a part of The Quarry! With our new online publication and presence, we have a broader reach than ever before.

Stay tuned for application details.


Executive Editor

Literary Editor

Layout Editor

Art Editor

The Art Editor is responsible for overseeing the review and selection of visual art submissions to The Quarry. Though all the editors work together to complete the selection, the art editor has the final say regarding the selection of visual art submissions. They are also responsible for holding a documentation session for physical art with the Interdisciplinary Editor, as well as serving as a liaison between visual artists and the other editors.

Experience with visual art is required and familiarity with Adobe Photoshop and studio documentation is desired, but not necessary.

Web Editor

The Web Editor is responsible for managing The Quarry’s website, social media content, and online publishing. The Web Editor will also help with the other editors during the selection period, and recommend work that would fit well on our digital platform. The Web Editor will be expected to publish content on all web platforms at least once per week, with an increased presence during the submission period and around events. The Web Editor should have prior experience with social media platforms, as well as experience with website design. Finally, the Web Editor should have some experience with copy editing and will be expected to write copy for all web platforms.

Experience with social media and a background in visual or literary art is required. Web design experience is desired, but not necessary.

Interdisciplinary Editor

The Interdisciplinary Editor’s primary role is outreach to the greater St. Olaf Community, with hopes of extending what is “traditionally” found in the publication. The Interdisciplinary Editor is expected to reach out to campus musicians, dance groups, or other organizations in the hopes of getting them involved in Quarry events and submitting to the publication. Finally, the Interdisciplinary Editor will assist the Art Editor in visual art submissions, as well as documentation of visual art.

Experience and passion for the visual arts and the intersection of different mediums is required. Experience with Adobe Photoshop and studio documentation is desired, but not necessary.