St. Olaf Creative Writing Awards: Poetry and Best Sentence

Here are the final creative writing award winners, in the categories of poetry and best sentence. Don’t forget, the awards ceremony is taking place tomorrow during community time in RML 525, where you can listen to students read their pieces!

Nets Cast for Catching Smaller Prey

by Kari Peterson

eng dept poetry winner.PNG

Kari Peterson (Poetry Winner, 2019 English Dept. Contest) is a senior biology major with an environmental studies concentration. She’s from Elk River Minnesota and after graduation she hopes to find a career in science writing to help make scientific literature more accessible to everyone. Besides poetry, some of her interests include writing short stories, designing characters, and practicing digital and traditional art.

Best Sentence

by Abby Trutwin

So you sit there with your box of chocolates, thinking back to a time when you still had all the choices.

Abby Trutwin (Best Sentence Winner, 2019 English Dept. Contest) is a college freshman who hails from the small north-central town of Rice, Minnesota. She has yet to declare her major, but still has an entire semester to do so. When she isn't working, doing homework or trying to write, she can be found curled up under her quilt binge-watching Netflix. NCIS and Friends are two of her favorites.